LATEST NEWS May 1, 2020



​Overlord Gruff has reemerged to announce that he is dropping a new album.

Pomona rapper Overlord Gruff announced earlier this month that he would be falling back from making music to focus on upcoming artists. Much like Nicki Minaj’s similar attempt, it did not last very long. Gruff took to Instagram and Facebook to further advance the careers of his fellow artists only a short few weeks ago. “My goals with Overlord Gruff were met a long time ago, so I now have the time to reach back and support artists like Maddmovin Da Loc, Paradigm305, C-Cripn a.k.a. Lil Frogg, Overdose and others just to name a few." As for Gruff, the Guano Records founder & boss has a brand new album on the way. Although there was no promotion or even a name for the record announced, Overlord Gruff took to email with a select few emcees to drop the bomb. “Feel free to share the new artwork for my next studio album titled “Mr. Russell”, captioning a rough draft of his album artwork.

Knowledge Yung Profit is also releasing new music as well, which should make this a pretty big summer for new hip-hop releases. While this could really be Gruff's last ever studio album, perhaps he will still do features as he continues to grow his record label.

Whether Overlord Gruff is making new music or not, he will still have his hands full with producing music from other artists with Guano Records. Will you be listening to his new project that drops June 12, 2020?

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